AOL email hacked how to fix it?

Lost control over your AOL email account? Well, this is not a tough task for a hacker to gain access to your email account. Be it Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL, this particular thing can take place with any email account if one does not take the security of his email account seriously. Most of the hackers do it on purpose to either spam your contacts or to make payments on your behalf. So, when you get an alert about the suspicious activities on your account or you witness some changes that were not made by you, you come to conclude that your account has been hacked.

AOL email hacked

In case you also recognize any such activity on your email account, then you should immediately report it to AOL or use the methods that have been discussed in the following section. But, before that, we should have a glance at some signs of an AOL email hacked account.

Telltale signs of a hacked email account

  • In case it has been long that you have received an email.
  • Your contacts are receiving spam emails from your account.
  • On your activity list, you see the unknown sign-in locations.
  • You witness some unknown changes in the email settings.
  • Some of the contacts from your contact list have been deleted or added.

Best ways to retrieve your hacked AOL account

“AOL email account hacked and password changed” is one of the common questions asked by the users when they witness some suspicious activities on their account.

Step 1- Reset your password instantaneously- in case you are unable to log in to your account using the usual password, then you must reset it immediately. For this purpose, use the ‘Forgotten password’ option available on the login portal. Create a complex password for AOL mail sign-in that cannot be guessed by anybody.

Step 2- Have a look at your mail settings- after resetting your password successfully you should review the settings you have made to your account. Look for changes in the display name, blocked addresses, email filters, etc. Also, review the sent messages and check the spam folder.

Step 3- Change the settings, if found modified- upon finding out that the settings have been compromised without your knowledge, you should revert them immediately. This is done to ensure that no further activity is done through your account.

Step 4- Update account recovery options- this is one of the most important things you should consider doing after recovering your account.

Apart from this, consider using two-factor authentication on your account and you may also use password managers for safe logins.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What to do if your email is hacked?

If you find out that your email account has been compromised, the first thing you should do is reset your password. After that revert the mail settings, you have made. Also, use two-factor authentication and do not forget to change the account recovery option.

  1. How do I know if my email has been hacked?

The first telltale sign of a hacked email account is you won’t be able to use the old password for logging in. Apart from this, the changes in your account settings, login locations, and annoying messages in your inbox are also the sign on a hacked account.

  1. How to check if your email has been hacked?

To check a hacked email account, try logging in to your account using the same old password which you always use. If you are unable to log in then it surely means your account has been hacked. There are also some websites, apps, or programs for hack check.

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