How to Fix Comcast Email Stopped or Not Working 2021?

Comcast Email is one of the most popular email service providers and is mainly known for its distinctive features. These features mainly include quick sending and receiving of emails, easy and secure login, and much more. All these features make users select Comcast as their regular email service provider.

Comcast email not working

Sometimes, you may experience issues while using your Xfinity Comcast email account. Whenever you face any problem with your Comcast account, try to find the exact cause and proper troubleshooting methods to fix it. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some methods that you can try to fix Comcast email stopped or not working issue.

What Causes Xfinity Comcast Email Not Working Issue?

There are many reasons why you may experience Xfinity Comcast Email Not Working on Android, iPhone, or iPad. If you face such issues even after successful Comcast email login, then any of the following reasons can bother you:

  • There might be some issue at the Comcast email server end.
  • Unstable or improper internet connection can also bother you.
  • The version of browser you are using might be outdated or corrupted as this makes you unable to access Comcast emails.
  • If you have accessed your Comcast account on Outlook, make sure that the email settings you have entered are correct.
  • Any third-party software like antivirus or malware is creating the conflict.
  • The Android or iPhone you are using to access your mail account might have some issues.

How do I Fix Sending and Receiving Issues with Comcast Email?

Once you find the exact cause of your issue, it’s time to apply some technical methods to get it resolved. Make sure your device has proper Comcast email settings as this can also create issues with your account. After proper configuration, apply the following steps to get the issue resolved:

Method 01. Check the internet

Unstable or slow internet connection can create problems while accessing your email account and can cause many other issues with Comcast. So, before logging in to your Comcast email, check whether you have strong internet connection. Weak signal strength can’t even load login page properly and in such cases, restart your modem or restart the data connection. If your Comcast website is still not loading, move on to the next solution.

Method 02. Check the Server

If you are facing issues only while accessing the Comcast email homepage, check if its server is down. If you are able to access other websites, it means you have stable internet connection and the issue is from the server-end. However, in this case, you can wait till things settle down properly at the server-end.

Method 03. Check the Email Settings

You can configure settings of your account as per need. If you face any problem while accessing your account, perform Comcast email reset process to get your account back. After successful login, make sure that the email settings you have entered are correct. Also, never make following mistakes in your account:

  • Ensure that you have not reached the email sending limit of Comcast email.
  • Sometimes, emails are directly in the trash and spam folder. So, always check these folders as your important emails might be there.
  • Check if you have blocked the recipient as this will block all the emails coming from them.
  • Similarly, it is better to ask the sender to unblock you if he/she has added you to the block list.
  • You must be entering the wrong email address while sending emails.

Method 04. Check the Third-party Apps

Issues like Comcast email not working in Outlook, Yahoo, etc occurs due to third-party apps or antivirus installed on your device. These applications conflict with your Comcast email account and hence cause problems with it. If they are creating the issues, try to temporarily disable them and check if the issues still persist.


I Hope, the above methods help you to resolve issues with your Comcast email account. If you are still facing Comcast email problems, contact the technical support team. Our professional experts are available 24*7 to fix all your issues.

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