How to fix Gmail Keeps Crashing Issue?

Gmail is now one of the most widely-used email services with more than 2 billion users base around the globe. With such a large number of users, Gmail provides services that support almost all browsing platforms. But sometimes you may experience issues like Gmail keeps crashing on chrome, Android, or any other device, as well. Whenever you face such issues with your Gmail account, try to find its exact cause and proper troubleshooting methods to resolve it. Here, in this article, we have mentioned quick methods to fix Gmail crashing issues.

Gmail Keeps Crashing

Common Reasons Why Gmail App Keeps Stopping

There are several reasons due to which the Gmail app keeps crashing on Android, Chrome, or any other device. Let’s check all of them from the following points:

  • Presence of cache and cookies in your browser can cause crashing issues on it.
  • Browser extensions can also cause frequent freezing issues.
  • Out-dated chrome browser can also cause such problems.
  • Insufficient space on the device.
  • Inappropriate Gmail server setting

How do I Fix Gmail keeps Crashing on Android?

Once you know the exact cause of Gmail not working issue, it’s time to apply several troubleshooting methods to get the issue resolved. Given below are some most common methods that you can try to fix your problem on Android device:

Method 01: Uninstall and Re-enable the App

If you are facing Gmail app keeps crashing issue many times on your device, try to uninstall the app and reinstall it. If it is an in-built app on your mobile, disable and re-enable it. This will prevent all data in your Gmail account as everything is saved in the Gmail server. You can follow the below-given steps to remove and reinstall the app on your device:

  • Go to Settings >> Apps >> Installed apps >> Gmail.
  • Click Uninstall option or Uninstall updates (if the app is in-built).
  • Alternatively, open Play Store on your device and locate Gmail and click on the Uninstall button.
  • After uninstalling the Gmail app, install it from Play Store again and then reboot your device.

Method 02: Delete Cache and Data within Gmail App

You can also clear the data from the Gmail app as this can also disturb the app and make it unstable to use. In such cases, you might be unable to receive emails and fix Gmail not receiving emails by following steps:

  • Go to Apps >> Gmail >> Select >> Storage in your mobile.
  • Now, delete the cache and data for Gmail app.
  • At last, “Restart” your device.

Quick Steps to fix Gmail Crashing Error on Google Chrome

If you are facing issues while using Gmail on Chrome browser, then apply following steps to fix that issue:

  • Run third-party applications like anti-virus and also check for malware.
  • Open Gmail in any other browser. If this works, then reinstall or update your chrome browser.
  • Check for the internet issues, make sure you have a stable internet connection as this can also cause Gmail crashing issues on chrome.
  • Clear cache and cookies from the chrome browser. For this, open your browser and tap the three vertical dots located on the top-right corner and click the “More” option from navigation menu. Then, click on Clear browsing data.

Quick Steps to Fix Gmail keeps crashing on Windows 10 and Mac Laptop

If you are facing issues while using Gmail app on your Windows and Mac laptop, then apply following steps to fix your issue:

  • Disable Dark Mode: Sometimes, the dark mode cause app crashing issues. Professional experts claim that disabling the dark mode can improve the overall functioning of the Gmail app.
  • Update Gmail app: Google continuously keeps introducing new updates in Gmail, and these updates get installed automatically in your app. Updating the app can also help you to fix many bugs.


The above-mentioned methods will definitely help you to fix issues with Gmail app on platforms like Android, iPhone, and iPad. Just follow these steps to fix your issues. If you are still facing any problems, contact the technical support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Gmail keep closing on iPhone or iPad?

There are many reasons due to which you may experience Gmail not working issues on iPhone or iPad. Sometimes the problem occurs because of the unknowingly done mistakes done by users themselves and sometimes there might be some server issues.

How do I unfreeze my Gmail?

You can try methods like clearing browser cache, cookies, and history to unfreeze your Gmail account. Along with this, make sure your app is updated to its latest version.

Why won’t my Gmail app stay open?

Usually, such issues occur if you are using an outdated version of Gmail app. Enabled dark mode, unauthorized access to your Gmail account can also cause issues with it.

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