How to Fix Email Sync Issues?

Microsoft Outlook is a popular platform and is mainly known for its email services. The features and specifications of Outlook make it more professional and convenient. Due to the security and reliability of the platform, there are many users across the globe that uses Outlook for their services. It allows users to share and store crucial information via emails. But sometimes, you may experience issues like Outlook not receiving emails or it may not respond properly. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some causes and troubleshooting methods to fix Outlook not receiving emails issue.

outlook not receiving emails

Why Outlook Not Receiving Emails But Can Send?

Sometimes you may only be unable to receive emails to your Outlook account, and this happens due to various reasons. So before troubleshooting any problem with your Outlook 365 login account, try to find the exact reason. Some of the main causes why you are unable to receive emails are given below:

  • Outlook inbox might be running out of space.
  • Third-party applications like firewall protection can block incoming emails.
  • You might be receiving emails in a Spam or Junk folder instead of Inbox.
  • Maybe the Outlook account is not synced.
  • Entering the wrong login credentials like email username, password can also cause issues.
  • Outlook Plugin and browser cache can cause this issue too.
  • Malware issues may corrupt Outlook data and cause issues while receiving emails.

Reasons for Outlook Not Receiving Emails on Android

Given below are some most common reasons why you are experiencing Outlook not receiving emails on Android phone:

  • Incorrect Username and Password
  • Junk mail Filter on Outlook app
  • Wrong Server settings
  • The outlook may be down or there might be some server-side issue.

How do I Troubleshoot Outlook Not Receiving Emails issue?

Once you know the exact cause of your problem, it’s time to apply some troubleshooting methods to get your issue resolved. There are several methods by which you can fix issues like Outlook not receiving emails on Windows 10, Windows 07, or any version of OS. So, let’s check each one of them in detail:

Method 01: Check “Junk” Folder

Before applying any advanced method to troubleshoot your issue, check the “Junk Folder” of your Outlook email account. Sometimes, Outlook may redirect the email into the Junk or Spam folder.

For this, you just have to open your Outlook email account, then navigate to Actions > Junk Emails. Mark that email as non-junk after which it will be saved in the Inbox. Then all the forthcoming emails from that email address won’t be saved in Junk. If you are unable to log in to your account due to incorrect password, reset your Outlook password. This allows users to set a new password for their accounts.

Method 02: Check Space in “Inbox”

The Outlook Inbox has a specific limit to store emails. Once that limit is exceeded, you will not receive any emails in the Inbox. So, it is advised to clean your Inbox by deleting all the emails which are not required anymore. You can also create a backup of all your important emails, using a hard drive and then remove them from your Outlook Inbox.

To clean your Inbox, you can use the Sweep feature. Or, select or open the email that you want to remove and then click the delete option. This is the best troubleshooting method when your Outlook account is not receiving emails but can send it.

Method 03: Check the Blocked addresses

If you are unable to receive or send emails from a particular user, check the blocked address list in Outlook. You might have blocked then and to again receive and send emails, unblock them immediately. All you have to do is:

  • Open Settings of your account by clicking the gear-shaped icon located on the top-right corner. Then click on the “View all Outlook Settings” option.
  • Choose Mail and then Junk email.
  • Now, click the “Blocked senders and domains” option and then tap the “Remove” button next to the addresses that you want to unblock.

Method 04: Check the Email Rules

Outlook also allows you to add new rules to your emails so that you can organize the data as your preference. Sometimes these email rules may create problems and make you unable to receive important emails. For this, go to Settings > Mail > Rules and click on the “trash” button to delete the rule that is creating problems in your account.


Are you still facing any issues while receiving? If yes, don’t panic. Try to contact our technical experts. Our professional team is available 24*7 to troubleshooting this outlook not receiving emails problem for you!

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