Privacy Policy


At we try to ensure that users’ privacy is not compromised and is not tempered with at any step while they use our website. However, a user should also make sure that he doesn’t share any sensitive personal information over it.

Collection of PII

Yes, we do collect PII of the users but only after their acceptance to share the same and when they take the whole responsibility of it.

Content update

Our website may undergo changes and updates in its content which shall not be notified about to the users personally.


About cookies, yes we do use them and send them over to your device to serve you with the relevant information and details.

Children’s privacy

We do not serve individuals who are under the age of 18 because safeguarding their privacy is our priority.

User agreement

Your incessant of this website would mean that you agree to our privacy policies and you are not using this website under any pressure.

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