How to Reset or Change Your AOL Password?

AOL webmail is popularly known for its advanced security and secure operations. But sometimes you may experience problems while logging in to your AOL account. One of the most common issues that you may encounter is an invalid or incorrect email address or password. You might have lost your account passwords and this makes you unable to access your account.

Reset Aol Password

In such cases, you need to follow AOL account recovery methods to get your account back. If you forget your password, you can’t sign in to your AOL account. Though AOL allows its users to recover their hacked or forgotten passwords by following some simple steps. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some quick steps that you can try to reset the AOL account password.

Quick Steps to Reset AOL Password via Recovery Mobile Number

Among all the various methods available to solve AOL password reset problems, you can use your recovery mobile numbers. Follow the steps given below for resetting your AOL login password via recovery phone number:

  • Open AOL sign-in page and enter your username in the respective field.
  • Click NEXT button and then click on the “I FORGOT MY PASSWORD” option.
  • Now, you need to verify your registered mobile number and Click SUBMIT.
  • Click YES on the pop-up indicating “Send me a verification code to this phone number as a text message”
  • Now enter the verification code received on your mobile phone in the blank field and Click SUBMIT.
  • Click the “Create a new password” button and enter your NEW PASSWORD twice.
  • At last, click on Continue button to save the new password.

How to Reset AOL Password via Recovery Email Address?

In case, if you don’t have recovery mobile number, you can use a recovery email address to alternate email address to Change AOL password on Android, iPhone, or iPad. You can follow the steps given below for resetting AOL password via your recovery email address:

  • For this, Click YES when you get a pop-up indicating ”do you have access to this email?” message.
  • Now, you will get a verification code on your recovery email address.
  • Log in to your recovery email account and check whether there is any mail with the “Recover access to your AOL account” subject.
  • Open the received email and find the verification code.
  • Enter that verification code in the browser where you are resetting your AOL password.
  • Click CONTINUE followed by a click on “Create a new password” button.
  • Enter your NEW PASSWORD twice and at last click CONTINUE button to save changes.

Invalid AOL Password or Username Error

It is important to check whether the password or username you are entering is correct as an error message may appear in case of wrong credentials. Whenever you see this error message on-screen, make sure the login credentials are correct. If your password is not as per AOL password requirements, you will get an error message. To avoid such situation, follow the below-mentioned guidelines:-

  • Check if the ‘caps lock’ key of the keyboard is ON as this makes your credentials incorrect. Login credentials are case sensitive as this makes a huge difference to what you want to type.
  • It is also advised to regularly update the auto-fill settings of your browser. If your password is saved in the browser by auto-fill settings, update it there after changing the password.
  • Sometimes, the problem occurs with a specific browser or device. In such cases, you can try another web browser to access your AOL account. So, you can fix the issues by trying any other preferred browser.

Wrapping Up:

Hope, the above-mentioned information helps you to get your AOL account back. If you experience any issue while changing the password through the above methods, you can also verify your account security question and profile information. After this, you can contact technical support professionals as they will help you to retrieve a forgotten or hacked password. You can even drop an email or dial the helpline number of AOL’s official customer care to recover a hacked AOL account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t AOL let me reset my password?

There are many reasons due to which you may not reset your AOL password. There can be some sort of browser-related problem or you might be entering wrong answers for recovery questions asked while changing or resetting passwords.

How do I reset my AOL password without resetting it?

If you don’t have access to your registered recovery mail account or mobile number, you can get in touch with the technical support team for the same. Get in touch with support team through their registered email address and contact number.

Why does AOL not recognize my password?

When you create a new ID, you have to answer a few recovery questions that will help you when your account gets locked. However, if you are getting the ‘incorrect answer’ error message even after filling in the right answers, then your account might have been hacked. In this case, you may experience AOL reset password not working situation.

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