Terms and Conditions

To make it clear and completely transparent to our website visitors or users, we have defined some terms and conditions that will help you in using this website in the best manner you can. Please consider going through these terms mentioned below:

IMPORTANT- if you fail to meet the terms that are mentioned right here, we shall not allow you to continue using our website for any purpose and any legal action can also be taken against them.

  • As specified, a user should not be less than 18 years to avail of any services that we offer here.
  • If we find out that you are involved in any phishing activity or stealing our or our users’ information in any manner, then we shall restrict you from continuing to make use of this site. We may also take strict legal against you.
  • If any information is updated on the email services that are mentioned here, then we shall take the required time to update it here as well.

For more details, contact us immediately.

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